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TwitBird Pro for iPhone

I’ve been using TwitBird for iPhone ever since I registered for Twitter and felt the need to update from my iPhone. At the time, there was one version and it was free. Soon, they rolled out two other version: Premium ($1.99, ad-free, 2 accounts, PUSH capabilities) and Pro ($2.99,ad-free, 16 accounts, PUSH capabilities). I just updated to their most recent release Version 2.5 and love all that they’ve done with the app.

TwitBird in detail:

TwitBird has many settings that effect all accounts, including but not limited to: Auto Refreshing tweets, a theme to use throughout the app (currently they provide four themes),  integration with third parties (Facebook, URL Shorteners, etc.), Image Compression, and clearing image cache.

Once you sign in with Twitter, you’ll have access to your account. You’ll be able to view your Home feed, tweets your were mentioned in, direct messages, your favorites, your tweets, and saved searches to name a few. You’ll be able to set up Push Notifications so DM’s and mentions push to your phone. You can access “Nearby Tweets” from users who are tweeting close to your location. You can search twitter and view your profile amongst other functions.

When viewing your Home feed (or other feeds), new tweets are highlighted in a noticeable color. Touch your finger on a tweet and it will bring you to a “single view” of the tweet. If that tweet contains a photo and uses a service such as TweetPhoto or TwitPic — TwitBird will pull in that photo.

Clicking the top bar of a tweet (the users who posted the tweet) will bring you to a user page where you can follow/unfollow them, search for tweets mentioning them, view their status, following, and followers count along with other profile related fields.

When writing a tweet, touching the limit count in the right corner of the screen will switch the graphic to keyboard and brings few screens of options including: Turning on GeoLocating, accessing your (twitter) address book to mention a friend in a tweet, inserting a picture (taking it with your camera or from your photo library), updating your Facebook status with the tweet.

Swiping your finger across the menu will bring you to a set of funtions such as: adding a hashtag or adding a “now playing” hashtag to your tweet; grabbing whatever music your are currently playing. Version 2.5 now supports Emoji and TextExpander (providing you have that iPhone App).

Version 2.5 comes with a renovated “dark theme” entitled Espresso. There are two versions, the first (which is shown above) that has an icon based UI rather than the second version which is a list (basically the theme that is in all the other pictures but with the Espresso theme applied to it). The default theme is called Movie, my favorite; and they also have an iChat theme.

I wrote a review for TwitBird on the App Store and gave it 5 out of 5 stars. If you don’t have the application, I suggest you download it. If you already have the free version, I suggest you upgrade to Premium or Pro.


  1. nice review! love all the photos.

  2. I know this is an old post but I still think TwitBird is an awesome App and the only one I bother to use when I’m on my iPhone.

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