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linkedin – A Python Library to interface with LinkedIn REST API & OAuth

Well, in my spur of writing nice, simple libraries to interface Python, OAuth, and a REST API from a certain service. LinkedIn was my last that I tackled. Not to say that there won’t be more to come… 😉

I had to think of a name other than ‘python-linkedin’ because it was already taken, so just “linkedin” seem to be fine. 🙂

This library interfaces LinkedIn JSON responses from the REST API with Python.

Docs & download info can be found there.


  1. Your linkedin class wasn’t working which I grabbed from github, I solved issue by adding scope in options

    def __init__(self, api_key=None, api_secret=None, oauth_token=None, oauth_token_secret=None, headers=None, client_args=None, callback_url=None,scope = None):
    self.api_key = api_key
    self.api_secret = api_secret
    self.oauth_token = oauth_token
    self.oauth_secret = oauth_token_secret
    self.callback_url = callback_url
    self.scope = scope

    Just in case if you would like to fix it.

    • If you can, send a Pull Request 🙂

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